Hot Cell –Sample Container Systems

PFT makes varying container systems specifically for use in radiation containment Hot Cells. All our products have been designed to be used with manipulator arms and are ruggedized to withstand the hot cell environment and protect the content of the containers.

Outer Boxes – Part Number: PFT-SCS-001

Our outer boxes are manufactured from high grade 3mm stainless steel. The boxes are equipped with handles that can easily be opened and closed with manipulator arms. The front drawer latch that operates on a “push down and pull out” mechanism and rounded for that allows the manipulator arm to be able to come around the latch.

The wiring for the LED is housed inside stainless steel tubing for protection. The circuit boards are housed underneath in a stainless steel enclosure.

The outer boxes are easily stackable and have brackets at the back to bind the outer boxes together and act as counter weights.

Inner Boxes – Part Number: PFT-SCS-002

The inner boxes are manufactured from high grade 3mm stainless steel with latches and locks that can be easily handled by manipulator arms.

The lateral slots within the box are moveable to suit the size and style of sample containers stored within.

Electronics – Part Number: PFT-SCS-003

For the Hot Cells, PFT designs and manufacturers specific electronics that log each opening and closing of the Hot Cell. The electronic components are high grade elements designed for exposure tohigh temperatures and radiation. In addition, we also provide custom developed fibre optic switches on the electronic board.
Cost per Board EUR 1,590.

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