Nuclear Safeguards

Pro Fortius Technologies provides products and services to organisations that are responsible for ensuring that countries / states honour agreements to use nuclear materials for peaceful purposes only.

Pro Fortius Technologies capabilities include the full spectrum of Nuclear Safeguards:

  • Non-Destructive Analysis
  • Unattended Monitoring
  • Containment and Surveillance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Destructive Analysis
  • Environmental Sampling

Our work in Nuclear Safeguards focuses on developing and engineering bespoke solutions for our customers.

In recent times we have developed unique products for the Nuclear Industry, including:

  • Tamper Indicating Covers – the covers are built to size and impregnated with fibre optic cables that, with passive seals, identify if the goods protected by the covers have been tampered with.
  • Unique nuclear material sample collection vials – Designed so that each vial can be identified uniquely by markings of the outside of the vials

Our Products and Services