Our Approach

To conduct effective non-proliferation inspections requires extremely diverse technologies and services. There is no single company capable of manufacturing all the measurement, containment, surveillance, communication, and IT hardware that meets demanding requirements.

The good news is that Pro Fortius Technologies has an extraordinary breadth of experience with technologies and services supporting non-proliferation regimes. We work with manufacturers, developers, and technology providers who are experts in their individual fields to provide you a one-stop-shop. Furthermore, Pro Fortius Technologies will provide the engineering support to solution your particular needs, identify the best available technologies, and implement effective solutions.

Our people are our biggest asset. Pro Fortius Technologies functions as a senior leveraged company. Unlike others, we do not allow junior staff to learn on the job whilst charging the customer. Our project teams are typically small and nimble in nature and thereby allowing us to uphold our Guiding Principles. Generally, our people are targeted to specific parts of a project where they have the most expertise and knowledge, as opposed to being assigned full time increasing customer cost with little value-add. Exceptions are our project managers, who are assigned for the life of the project and are responsible for ensuring that the objectives of the customer are equaled or surpassed.

Our Products and Services