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Profortius Technologies


Engineering & Security Cases

In line with the company’s overall vision Pro Fortius Technologies provides the engineering community with a large range of rugged cases and associated accessories. More can be found on www.highperformancecases.com

Website Development, Maintenance & Hosting

Through its TechforEU initiative Pro Fortius Technologies provides website development, maintenance and hosting solutions. As we started out as a small company, we realised the companies of similar size to us could neither afford or develop their own websites cost effectively. Worst still was that websites were open to attacks. Our background in both physical and cyber security led us to create a service for small companies where we develop and maintain secure websites for small companies at reasonable prices.
Website:- www.techforeu.com

Security Solutions

Pro Fortius Technologies has its roots in security, primarily cyber security. Through this we have expanded our services to include other products and services that benefit from our security expertise.

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